Murder in the Abbey is Book One in Arthur Cola’s new series called the De Cenza Murder Mysteries.


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The third book of the Doonagore Theft Trilogy is a breathtaking adventure which takes the “Celtic Warriors” from their teen years to young adults.


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Arthur Cola

Arthur Cola was born in Chicago in the “little Italy” neighborhood of Taylor St. on the near west side of the city. His family moved to Oak Park, IL where he attended Oak Park-River Forest High School. While attending Loyola University, Chicago, he met his future wife, Donna Shields. Together they have five now grown children and seven grandchildren. He, his wife and family now live in Wisconsin.

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as a Teacher of History and a School Principal. Upon receiving his Master’s Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, he also served as a Lecturer for Barry University in Florida.

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His post graduate work concentrated on Educational administration and theology. He studied in Rome at the Loyola University Campus while conducting research for two of his novels, “The Stone Cutter Genius” and “The Brooch” and traveled extensively in Ireland and Britain researching cultural sites for his previous books and new series: The Doonagore Theft Trilogy.” This adventure series traces the lives of two lads and a lass who come to America from famine ravaged Ireland. His novel, “Stolen Christmas” is a magical tale of St. Nicholas coming to help a boy who is trying to save a Church in Chicago which is scheduled to be demolished on the day after Christmas. He has recently created a theatrical version of it.

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His work is available on Amazon on Kindle for purchase and at feed A Read

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The De Cenza Murder Mystery Series by Arthur Cola

Doonagore Theft Trilogy

Michelangelo Biography

Legendary Tales

Christmas Fantasy

Young Children’s Christmas Fantasy

Vivi's War

Pleasant Meeting

Murder in the Museum

7th Book Coming Soon

The 7th book of the De Cenza Murder Mystery series begins with a celebration of an upcoming marriage between Ron De Cenza and Susan Liguri. After several years of conflicting feelings as to serve the Church or follow one’s heart mixed with murder cases and mysteries to be solved, Ron and Susan are to approach the altar. However, a discovery found in a City of Chicago landmark has them and their pals once again drawn into a plot which would destroy the archeological discoveries made by them. These events are related to the terrorist group called the Red Brigade in Italy, which is set to establish a new world order. Their greed and theories are spread from Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland and Britain and explodes on the scene in America.

That confrontation of revolution, faith, history and love revolves around two legends. For a hundred and fifty years the missing crown jewels of Spain have eluded treasure hunters and archeologists alike. For over a thousand years the myths surrounding the founding of Ireland by the Nuatha have never been proven. All of that is about to change now as both the Legend of Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, and the Gifts of the Nuatha and relic of St. Malachy are to be on full display. The exhibits will dispel myth and historical fiction. But the tentacles of a sinister mastermind reach out across oceans and nations to plot and bring together a cast of characters who will stop at nothing to invade the Field Museum of Chicago and steal the proofs of history and myth.