A Christmas Miracle Tale

A Pastor is faced with the upcoming destruction of his parish and school as a Corporation seeks to expand its land holdings for a more lucrative development. Within this scenario a young Hispanic boy hears of the scheduled closure the day after Christmas and steals the baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene in the Church to prevent Christmas from coming and therefore the destruction of the Church. His older sister finds out what he did. She in turn is involved with an Italian boy who is her confident though on the sly as both families are not friendly with each other. Soon the west side of Chicago parish becomes a news item on TV. The report brings down important officials to help save the Church as demonstrations are formed. Soon a search is on for their Jesus and for the supposedly missing children who have come under the influence of an elderly white haired man whom they call Mr. Nick. In that search the people unite and find the love they share for their diverse Parish.

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