Murder on Capri by Arthur Cola

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Love is blooming for three couples and not so much for a would-be priest as they arrive on the romantic Isle of Capri. They are prepared to enjoy a holiday after the success of their work and solving of a murder in Ireland. Ron De Cenza doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body some would say and his best pal Bob would say the one between his legs is an exception whenever the love of his life, Susan Marie Liguri, is around. And that begins the sub-plot of “Murder on Capri.” Shortly after their arrival Ron, Susan and Bob discover the naked body of a man with a knife stuck in his chest. The discovery of this body in the famous Blue Grotto leads the pack of seven to yet another find which revolves around the secret left by Joseph Bonaparte, Brother of Napoleon, former King of Spain, and King of Naples and Sicily in the early 19th Century. So begins a tale which will pull you into the playground of the Emperor Tiberius of Ancient Rome, through the emerald lagoon of the Green Grotto to the Clock Tower of Capri and over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. But Ron De Cenza and his friends are not alone in this quest to prove the secret of Joseph Bonaparte as being real. Nor are they alone in trying to solve the murder in the Blue Grotto. They lock horns with a friend from Rome, Captain Verdi of the Carabinieri who is in Capri on his honeymoon and finds himself leading the investigation and trying to keep up with the young Sherlock persona of Ron De Cenza.

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