Murder at Point Breeze by Arthur Cola

The sixth book of the De Cenza Murder Mysteries takes you on a whirlwind adventure that begins with a nightmare set in the Colosseum in Rome. Ron De Cenza has actually proposed to Susan Liguri and are about to embark on an expedition with their friends back in the United States. Under the direction of Professor Pettigrew if Oxford University in Britain they will seek to prove once and for al whether or not the Legendary Tale of Joseph Bonaparte is true. Did he as King of Spain with the Crown jewels when his Brother Napoleon was defeated? Did he create the estste of Point Breeze in Bordentown New Jersey with those stolen jewels? Was his lake house on Lake Bonaparte in upstate New York built from the sale oc tjose jewels? What happened to those jewels which have never been found? Join Ron in Sherlock mode with his best friend as his Watson and become part of the adventure. Be with them and thei friends as they dtumnle over murder victims. Get caught up in combat with others who also seek the Bonaparte Jewels. Then lrt yoursrlf be pulled into a tale of love with the important question of will there be a wedding?

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