Book Three of Legendary Tales

King Arthur’s Knights in The 21st Century

What would happen if you mix the Love of a large mid-western family, the Hope expressed in Irish folklore, and the Faith symbolized in Arthurian legend? If you were Arthur Cola, your mixture would explode with the clashing of swords, the awakening of champions, the confrontation of light and dark forces spanning 1500 years, and the magic of the movies. At the same time his mixture creates a blend of colors which paints scenes depicting the soaring Cliffs of Moher, the dramatic Arches of Tintern Abbey, the overwhelming strength of Warwick Castle, the fairy forest of Blarney, the mystical Stone Rings of Britain, the Majesty of Monarchy past and present, and the power as well as the serenity of Divine symbols. Then within these explosive, serene and breathtaking scenes, the author introduces you to a variety of colorful and dynamic characters. You will be introduced to magical characters like the Wee Folk King and the Sorcerer Merlin. You will come to know an ordinary and at the same time not quite typical American Colonna family. You will meet, once again, legendary figures who will struggle to preserve, by combat, enchantment and prayer, a divinely given gift. Through all these encounters within these pages, you shall come to relish the importance of the “Message” for our time and all time

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