The Brooch by Arthur Cola is the exciting sequel to The Stone Cutter Genius.

“Love” comes to us in many ways. In this story, six sons come to grips with a collision of love, history, faith and art which had its roots in Renaissance Italy and comes to affect the lives of the Colonna family in touching, violent, intriguing, inspiring, funny, vengeful and unselfish ways. Those bonds of love and the struggles as they develop parallel one of the great artist’s of Renaissance Italy, Michelangelo. Torn between the love of his life long friend, Francesco Granacci and that of the only woman he ever loved, Vittoria Colonna, the artist, called Il Divino, must deal with his heart and his art as a reflection of love and faith. So too do the six sons reflect that same struggle as one desperately hangs on to boyhood until love hits him in the heart, another strives to come out of his brother’s shadow, a third lashes out at what he doesn’t understand because he doesn’t want to admit that the love he feels isn’t the normal he has been taught, the fourth uses humor to hide his feelings as he combats intolerance to prove that a gay dude can be just one of the guys, the fifth separates himself from his heritage only to come to realize through the love of his wife that it is precious and worth saving and the sixth burns with hate and revenge choosing a self-destructive path to destroy the very symbol of Divine and Human Love.

All of this is set in an adventure taking the reader from Britain to Italy as a thief must be found, a plot to destroy the very essence of love as represented in The Brooch must be foiled, a theory must be proved and a message must be presented to the world which has waited five hundred years for it to be rediscovered.

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