Book Three of De Cenza Murder Mystry

Terrorism Assassination and Renaissance

The Second Vatican Council meeting in the Eternal City of Rome is about to open the windows of the ancient Church. While that fresh air is about to fill the world with hope, along the banks of the Tiber River a shocking attack is taking place. It is one which will bring light to a plot set shortly after the end of World War II rocking Italy to its foundation. That attack is being witnessed by two seminarians who are Council assistants from the Apostolic College. One wants to take action to capture the attacker, the other urges caution fearing they would be accused of the crime.
So begins a new mystery for Ron De Cenza and his pal, Bob Wentz who liken themselves as a Sherlock and Watson team. Only this time they are getting involved in a Hitchcock like adventure which takes them on a chase from the streets of Rome to the Southern Alps. They get help from that girl from Georgia, Susan, who pledges to Rons sister not to tempt Ron from his vocation. She and Jan De Cenza have come to Rome to study at the University and find themselves helping a bleeding man in St. Peters Square. That victim holds a secret of Italys past and a new discovery of Renaissance art treasures.

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