Book Four of De Cenza Murder Mysteries

The blood splattered chancel stone glistened as if the life force spread across the limestone could tell a story of its own
And so, begins the mystery of the Lady in Black and the quest for what she sought. Once again a modern day Sherlock and his Watson find themselves embroiled in a murder, ancient prophecies and a mystery going back to Medieval times in Ireland. The detective duo of Ron De Cenza and Bob Wentz now include that girl from Georgia, Susan OHara Liguri and Jan De Cenza and a new couple, a Papal Guard, Andreas Berne, and the Vatican archive research assistant, Dominic Fontana and someone who has become rather important Rons sister, Alessandro, Count of Pianore.
There amongst the ruins of Mellifont, ancient castles and places which once were homes to Monks of St. Malachy and St. Erc they discover a story. It as old as the mystical Nuatha who came to settle the Emerald Isle and as new as greed possessing humans who seek treasure not historical artifacts. There they find themselves struggling with their own feelings of who they are and what they are called to be. There in Rons arms a dying woman sends him on a journey to find the truth.

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